Iron whip trouble

I can’t toss the whip around the yoyo right in iron whip. It never has enough power to make it all the way around.

hey, you have to use iron to whip it

Try learning Jade Whip first.

I have jade whip down. (I can like 9 out of 10 times) and i still have the same problem with iron whip. Haha

Hmmm. It’s a similar motion, just more compact. I also find it helps to turn your wrist like you’re pouring a pitcher of water into a cup that’s sitting on your lap. If that makes any sense.

no it doesn’t

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Have you guys seen this video?

I have the motion down, the problem I have is that I can pop up and whip around fast enough to catch it

Good thing I wasn’t talking to you.

Ah. Well then, it sounds like you just need to practice it lots. Iron Whip is one of those tricks that can take time to get down cold. If you can do Jade Whip, you’ll get Iron Whip. Just keep at it :wink:

I have just started learning this trick… i have a thought after trying this that such a whip trick won’t work with any type of strings…i think it requires polyester strings… Please correct me if i’m wrong with some details please.

I recommend using your NTH to assist in getting the initial momentum of loop. Then use your TH to whip the loop the rest of the way.

You can definitely perform iron whip with non polyester strings. However, I do agree that string type… Especially string weight and density have a large impact on how whips are executed.

Some strings are very fast, while others are much slower.

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Any recommendations? or favorites? if you have any

I really like Kitty String. It’s cheap and works great. I also like the more premium strings as well, but I generally go for Kitty because I never feel bad throwing it out and using a new one.

I agree. It’s much cheaper for me to have 500 kitty strings off all different sorts than it it to have 100 of premium string. Kitty string is a bit thinner but its really holds its shape well. Especially the nylon.

Apparently I’m not the only one who finds Jade Whip a bucketload easier than Iron Whip! (whereas some tutorials would have you learn Iron Whip as an entry point into Jade Whip).

I just can’t get the momentum going for a nice whip around. All I can think to do is practice, but it’s not even as fun as Jade Whip so I’m not feeling the practicing motivation on this one. :wink:

One tip that helped me learn.

When you’re about to do it, pop it out of the strings and begin to swing it similarly to a jade whip. It’s hard to explain so I’ll make a vid in a day or so and post it here!

In case you missed this post:

The NTH really helps get the momentum going. After the pop, throw the loop toward your TH side.

Thanks, Brian! Just to be sure I’m understanding: you’re saying to literally grab the string with the NTH and throw it in such a way that it will give momentum to the whip? (in other words, you’re not just popping differently with the NTH, you are taking hold of it?)

Have to give that a try.