Help with slack


Any tips to doing slack/whip tricks? I am
Unable to constantly do them. Even a whip to kamikaze isn’t happening consistently. Slack trapeze as well (whip the loop over your hand when in a trapeze and get the yoyo.). Even something as basic as a plastic whip seems to be pure luck for me at this point. I always make sure string tension is good, but I can’t seem to get the hang of the skill. Any tips would be greatly appreciated?!?! Up until now I have been avoiding them as much as possible, but the tricks I am up to on YYE are starting to require these moves.


whats your difficulty or what do you consider yourself as? beginner, intermediate, advanced?

something that helped me was making sure that I pinched the string correctly. there are actually many ways to pinch the string in a slack trick. in the whip to kamikazie mount try to pinch the string between your NTH Pointer finger and middle finger. also make sure during the trick that you have the TH string over your pointer before performing the is very important that you pinch the string before you attempt the trick other wise the string will miss the yoyo or you risk the yoyo moving instead of staying in place which could be pretty dangerous.

hope this helps


Based on the yye trick ladder advanced I guess?? It helps a bit, but controlling the slack seems to be the issue

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There is a “proper pinch point,” an ideal ratio of string lengths for both the pinched (tension) part of the string and the loose slack being thrown. Try different lengths to find that sweet pinch spot.

Try different strings as well. Different blends, brands, makes, thicknesses, weights, all will travel differently in the air. some slow some fast, some slick some fluffy. Any string can throw a slack, some just do it better than others.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll rotate a few in and see how it goes


The big thing which helped me with a regular suicide is to move my throw hand in a small counter clockwise circle when doing the slack. This motion seems to really open up the loop.

Plastic whip was really hard for me at first as well. The best tip I can give for that is to sit straight down on the string and yoyo. Lift, not so much “pop” the yoyo straight up and keep the yoyo and the slack all in the same string plane.

Jade whip and Iron whip are still really tough for me. String tension is very important for these.

I’m interested to see what other advice comes up because I’m struggling with many of the same issues.


Plastic whip and jade are pretty much crap shoots at this point.