Slack, suicide, and whip trick help

any advice u could give me to help me out with these kind of tricks?

String tension is the key. You need your string to open wide for these tricks so that you can catch the string and the yo-yo can land on the string. Other than that, I’d say all you need to do is practice. Practice the basic suicides and whips until you can hit them almost every time. After that everything else becomes much easier.

i would start with plastic whip at first it might seem inpossible but once you can do it its verry easy and pretty cool looking. and suicide just takes alot of practice and make sure your srings not to tight or loose it makes the diffrence

What specifically are you having trouble with?

I just got Plastic Whip today, and I have some tips. I tried it a couple of weeks ago but I just gave up because I wasn’t even getting a loop. Today a just decided I was gonna learn it, and just starting whipping non-stop. After awhile, I found the right motion and the right amount of jerk of the yoyo. Now I hit it about 1 in 4 times. After learning Plastic Whip I tried Wrist Whip, which I found much easier, maybe because it is from sidestyle and I am more comfortable with that. They have very similar motions, and make sure to aim your hand motion at the gap. Now I have hit about 5 wrist whips in a row, and 2 plastic whips. I found the Ibanezcollector’s video was very helpful for this, and so was this kid with a british accent on youtube. I believe his youtube name had Runez in it. His motion for plastic whip is very very simple. Just a downward flick of the wrist. In conclusion, just keep whipping until you think you might seriously damage your arm. I promise you’ll get it.

P.S. I find Chaos 422 really great for slacks and whips. It if comfy like a Polyester string but has amazing tension and durability like a Nylon string.

If doing a trick where you have to get the string in the gap, always aim the string towards the gap, or just after the gap.