im slowly learning the Plastic Whip, i can whip it about 1 out of 15 trys now (better than 1 of 30)… and i was wondering if anyone had any tips that helped get better when they were learning…

also could someone upload some videos of tricks you can do out of the whip?


Just practice getting it in that gap, you’ll get it consistently if you keep on doing it.

You can do brain twisters with it or you can turn it into a gyro flop.

Okay here are some tips.

  1. Make sure the L you make with you throw-hand is strong.

  2. Pop the yoyo up the correct height.

  3. Make the motion a crescent shape.

Hope this helps. :wink:

make sure that you are creating a loop everytime :slight_smile: and not just throwing one layer of string. you can not drop your thumb or index finger at all. describe where you are messing up

Make a circular whipping motion. I had trouble with this trick as well. When you pull the yoyo up do the motion. That’s basically all you need to know.

practice by holding the string close to the yoyo and whipping that. then you will get used to hitting that gap and you will be ready to go. hope that helped

I can’t really add on to what people have said here but, plastic whip is one of those tricks where once you get it, it just clicks and you get REALLY consistent.

if you understand how to do it and just need tips, this should help. when you whip, bring your hand as close as possible to the yoyo. With practice, this tip is very useful

i just need to know what you can do out of the whip now… i know the braintwister, but tthats a short combo

well you can do a one handed bind and practice doing plastic whip with you index finger from a break away, from that stick your finger in the loop and youll be in a side ways bind were you can swing it out and go on to like double or nothing etc.

a plastic whip is just a trapeze, so whatever you can do on that you can do on a trapeze (my favorite is to do a matrix but its up to you)
i recommend that you try to learn laceration its a similar motion and easier than it looks :wink:

You can try learning gyroscopic flop, there you use plastic whip to get into it. ;D

plastic whip isnt trapeze its trapeze and his bro ^^

thanks! any videos of cool ways to do anything out of it would be greatly appreciated too

I can not offer much help except maybe move on to the next trick and come back to it* when ever you have some time to work on it.

When I first learned it. I had a really hard time with it. Then one day POW I got it. And then I couldn’t miss. And I kept wondering to myself why I thought it was so had all this time. It is now one of the easiest tricks for me to do. There just seems to be something that eventually “clicks” in your brain.

Also don’t underestimate the value of watiching the video for it. Watch it at least 1-2 times a day until you get it. Every once in a while I will notice some small thing that I am missing that isn’t* covered in the video probably because Andre thought it was obvious, and it usually is pretty obvious. I was just a dope and missed it.

Right now my personal problem is the second pop in Spirit Bomb. I imagine it will be similar. Just one day it will “click” in my brains what I have been doing wrong all these time.

*Edit typo fixes 7-10-2010.

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He’s talking about a frontstyle Plastic Whip, in which you end in a front mount.

As for tips, make sure you’re actually aiming. The whipping motion isn’t just you shooting in the dark and hoping you catch the yoyo; you should be creating the loop and aiming for the gap.

whip foward dont whip up

an easy thing I do is pop the yo-yo into the air a bit. Makes it seam easier.

I had the same problem.

First i had to understand the motion to create the loop. To do this, make sure the yoyo is dead at the end of the string. Hold the yoyo in your Nth and practice creating the loop with your TH just ignoring the yoyo for now.

For me, once i got the loop motion down i pieced the trick together. I did this by trying the actual trick so i could find how much i need to pop up the yoyo and practice my aim and one day it just “clicked” and i never missed.

This is the only way i got it, I dont know about you though.

Best of luck!

How you doing on this? I can get it pretty much every time now and I use it to one hand bind after a forward style combo.