Plastic Whip


I really need help on the plastic whip. I did it like the first time I tried, but now i can never get it. I am really confused. ???


Just practice.
What part are you confused on?

(JayVee) #3

The best advice I can give you is to practice. The best way to do that is to practice making a loop for the yo-yo to land on. Just keep making loops until you’re comfortable with it. Then, practice catching the yo-yo on the loop.


I don’t know how to move my hand in order to make the loop. :o


Move your hand to where the string catches on your hand. meaning, move your hand in an up-and-over motion, and make sure you make the string stay on your thumb. hope i helped!


Same here. When I first did it, a once in a lifetime chance. Move your thumb under the string, pull the yoyo up, and whip the string around your thumb down so a loop catches it. When you whip, keep your hand in that spot. Or, it will miss. Sometimes you will catch it backwards. Good luck! I hope you get it. :wink: