Yes another topic about Plastic Whip please help!

I know this before you tell me there are thousands of plastic whip posts. I have looked through a lot of them and i can not find help… So when i try to whip my yo yo comes up and no loop is created and the yo yo just falls back down. Please tell what I am am doing wrong…

Make sure you have your thumb sticking out and make sure the loop goes FORWARD over you hand before it goes down (make sure it’s all one motion)
also when you whipmake sure the left part of the loop goes around the yoyo

Do the movement hard…as hard as you can…imagine your hand is the mighty banhammer and you are about to smite the troll, THAT hard.

I had this exact same problem! Just watch this video: and you’ll get it. After watching this I did it on the 1st try! Just watch his thumb and then you’ll get it :wink:

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Thanks so much dmm28 i finally got it!!