Help on Plastic Whip!

I can’t get the whipping motion. Nothing happens when I do it. Please help.

My only and Sucky tut:

you are really moving ur hand up which allows string to fall in between ur thumb and pointer, then whipping out and over to allow it to position itself around the yoyo!!! ;D

Theres actually a good tutorial on this site

But i will also try to explain the trick.

  1. So you should have the Yo-Yo sleeping pretty well.
  2. Then move your throw hand thumb in front of the string and bring it up towars you.
  3. Now its the hardest part obviously ^^. You pop the string up and to the front with your thumb to create a loop. The up motion is to make the Yo-Yo pop upwards.
  4. Now you gotta get the loop under the Yo-Yo by moving your thumb to the front and whipping the string around the Yo-Yo.

At the beginning you may get it backwards very often but you will learn that by time.

As you make the “L” on your throw hand, make sure that the string is draped over the gap between your regular fingers and thumb. As you whip, that slack comes down, and hooks onto the yoyo.

Hold a dead yoyo in front of you, and see if you can get the loop of slack nice and big, then try the real trick.