Help with Plastic Whip trick

I have been practicing the plastic whip trick for a while, watched all tutorials I could find but I still can’t get the string to stick to my thumb. Every time I do the whip, the string just flies off my thumb. I even tried to cover my thumb with my other hand and it worked, but I just can’t do it normally because the string would fly off my thumb. Does anybody know how to fix that?


make sure the string is not spreading out to much also just practice it for 30 minutes at a time this is one of those tricks that just take time

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Also try and make sure you have neutral string tension to stop the loop from closing. Sounds like you getting the right motion if it’s hitting you thumb. Keep at it!


Practice without actually trying to do the whip for a bit. Just hold your hand flat with palm down, and kinda just “push” your hand slightly forward and down a little bit. You should see the string whip downward without it popping off your thumb. If it pops off your thumb, you’re movement is too exaggerated. After you get that down, then add a slight forward rolling motion which will extend the whip.

Once you get a feel for the proper motion, it’ll be absolutely easy to whip it all the way around the yo-yo without any chance of it coming off your thumb. Might take just minutes, depending on how quickly you get the feel for it. Don’t bother trying to do the whip till you get the motion down—it’ll pop off your thumb every time.

Try to focus on motion, and not trying to aim the actual string. It will magicly work. After getting it, you start to feel it out.

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I agree. This trick takes time. It took me FOREVER to land it. But then it just kinda happens. You don’t know why it works but it just does haha.

Try to make sure your whipping straight, and it to the side.

Thanks! I found out that shooting the string forward works much easier than to make a circular motion.


Practice wrist whip with this one as well. Wrist whip is more useful - maybe
Impressive way to start a side style trick for those who don’t yo-yo.