plzzzzzzz help with my plastic whip

hi guys
plz help me with my plastic whip
i am trying 2 do anything and i can even understand it at all
i am really in the lvl of this trick i can do tricks like metrix
and few grinds but i can understand this at all i saw all the vids and still…
plzzzz help me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Throw a sleeper. Put your throw hand out in front of you, palm forward, fingers pointing up and the string running over the back of your thumb. The trick from here is really just rotating your hand forward quickly (to fingers pointing down) and a little toss of the thumb forward. You are just throwing a loop of string over your thumb and hitting the yo-yo with it, causing it to cradle the gap.

I practiced the motion sitting in a chair, yo in lap, until I could toss a nice loop out over my thumb. That was the hardest part for me.

Hope maybe that helps.

Make sure you are sticking out your thumb and sort of holding it while the string whips around.  you can watch this video i made awhile back, 0:42 is plastic whip

make sure you don’t have any string tension, and that the string is whipping and not wrapping up.  It takes a lot of practice.

What really helped is to 1) figure out what is actually happening and 2) take a dead yoyo, give yourself some slack and just repeatedly whip into the gap of the yoyo to get a feel for the trick

You have got to make a slack using your thumb and index finger for right handed. Stretch them out in a backwards L and take the string on top of both fingers like a line on top of the L diagonally after that flick your whole hand forward while holding the l position flick it forward and downwards like your making half a circle downwards then sim into the slack and a trapeze should form in your hand hope it helped. :wink:

You need to visualize what you are actually going to be doing. The trick is putting your string over your thumb, and then throwing a loop around the yoyo and catching it on your thumb. Take others advice, and practice it with the yoyo in your lap