Plastic Whip

I tried plastic whip a bunch if times. I always get a knot after the trick

Try practicing it dead. Make sure the loop goes over correctly, and also, make sure you get a better understanding of what it looks like after it whips.

Have Fun Throwing,


This is a cool looking trick once you get it down. The key to it is when you throw the string over the yoyo, make sure you aim a little bit to the upper left (assuming you are right handed) and this will almost always result in a successful catch. When you start learning this, wrap the string around your thumb so that your loop will be big enough to go around the yoyo. Once you get better at landing it, you will be able to just throw the loop without even thinking about it. Have fun!

I had it down early on, then didn’t do it for a couple months, and went back to it. Suddenly I couldn’t land it any more!!

The trick I used to re-learning it was to bend my string hand slightly (right-handed). Throw the string as normal, then bend my wrist to the right so my thumb was past the left side of the yoyo and the loose string would pass by the right side of the yoyo. I started landing it every time again.

Hope that helps you too.