Plastic whip help


Hi all, I’m having trouble with the plastic whip. I am getting more and more consistent with it however I seem to catch it backwards more times than not causing me to remove the slip knot from my finger. So I don’t get a knot. Any ways to fix this issue? Not sure if it matters (still new) but my current throw is a YYF Whip with a twisted trifecta bearing on markmont dragon string


The yoyo wont matter as long as it’s unresponsive. Are you catching the string around your thumb or wrist?

As you see here, the guy catches it with his thumb when he whips it so it’s kind of in a trapeze with 1 hand:

If you catch it around your wrist, it’ll put you in a position to make a green triangle (causing the knot).


Follow what Yomaster16 had posted. That’s the correct way of doing the plastic whip. practice more, you’ll get the right thing soon :smiley:


Learned recently that once you’ve got it down, you can aim the loop to either side which will result in either the normal “crossed/reverse trapeze” or a simple one-handed trapeze. Nifty!