The Plastic Whip should be renamed...

It should be renamed to:

How to tie knots with one hand.

so frustrating!

Well, plastic whip should be called plastic whip. Whatever you’re doing to get knots should be called how to tie knots with one hand…

need help?

Yes, Please.

When I land it on the string, 80% of the time if I were to let the string go, it would tie a knot. When I miss landing it on the string it loops on my hand. I’ve even had it land on the string with it looped over my hand some how.

I really don’t know how to explain it in words… but I’ve watched the video like 20 times and it looks like I’m doing it right. My hand is tossing the string away from me and some how it loops over my hand.

when you “whip” the string it should create a loop that you catch.try dead yoyoing it

-hope this helped

Here’s for a tip: You know when they tell you to put the string around your thumb and whip it?refter you hook it around your thumb, turn your hand (Wrist) towards the right. Not arm, turn your hand right. When you whip it now, aim the string on the left side, into the yoyo.

How this helps you is that when you don’t turn your hand. Both strings of the slack will stick together. If they do, it’s very hard to make the particular left string hit the yoyo. Turning your hand seperates them.


Seems to me your doing it like a wrist whip :wink: try dead yoyo, it might help to use your pointer to understand how it works. Pointer is a tad harder for frontstyle plastic I feel.

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Thank you so much! I was trying to land it coming around the right side of the yoyo and that was causing it to tie itself into a knot.