Thats it!!! I officially hate plastic whip!!! everytime I try to do it and actually hit the yoyo with the string I get a freaking knot that requires me to take apart my yoyo and pull out the bearing >:( irritating!!!

just make sure you dont let go of the strings after the whip until you know for sure there will be no not.and of course like always practice

This is one of those tricks that for some take a ton of practice… Probably because its one of the first whips a yoyoer will encounter… Throw it 1000 more times and you will likely be asking how you ever got it wrong…

Remember this advise for spirit bomb, accept the asking yourself part… SB may take even more practice (out of 10 times I will miss it once even twice)

When i was learning plastic whip i always got a knot because when i whipped it and made the loop i caught it with my fingers in the loop and it would knot around the yoyo when i dropped the string. i later learned to just throw the loop around my thumb only and it immediatly stopped knotting.

HA!!! take that plastic whip!! I just did it 4 times in a row without getting a knot by turning so that the yoyos cap was facing me then whipping the sting on ;D (never realized how fun it is to bind from this move…)

omg I spoke to soon…now I’m just getting knots and tangles and no success again :frowning: why is this so hard ???

The same thing used to happen to me all the time. Something I noticed is that whenever it kinks up and gets knots the string was landing on the right side of the yo-yo. If you land it on the left side of the yo-yo it should be a clean whip with only the strings from your thumb crossed.

well that often happen to me. but I like plastic whip it is so easy, but I can’t do wrist whip and iron whip

hope you’re making progress! this will sound weird but it’s just another tip to help you. with my dark magic, what i do sometimes for fun is to make the plastic whip motion without my thumb being there, and the key is to whip the string right in the middle of the gap. if you do it correctly (with an unresponsive yoyo) the yoyo will graph the string you whiped into the middle and come back to your hand. if that comes on as a little easier, you just have to ahve your thumb hold on to the string so you avoid that…in the air bind? lol hope you’re doing better since your last post

i’m getting slightly better at it, I’ve at least learned how to get the yoyo out of a bad situation that would lead to a knot…but I’m landing it correctly more often now…my now hated trick isn’t a trick at all but the dreaded one and a half mount lol…

yeah it took me awhile to do one s\and a half mount, and I still miss alot