Plastic Whip for a lefty?


I know this is a totally noob question and I’m disappointed in myself for asking.

When I’m doing the plastic whip, if I throw the string forward like it says in video, it binds and it’s like I’m doing a one handed bind.

So should I still push back the string with my thumb, but throw the slack backwards (to reverse what a right handed thrower would do?


Are you saying that it binds before you land the yoyo on the string? Like while there’s slack? If so, it’s probably you’re bearing acting up.

If it’s after you land it on the sting then maybe you are landing it on the wrong part of the string. When you throw the slack over your thumb, it creates a ‘U’ shape with one end coming from your finger loop and the other coming from your thumb. You should be landing it on the string coming from your thumb, creating just a normal trapeze, except with your throwhand thumb, as apposed to nonthrowhand index.

And for the record, tricks for lefties are exactly the same ALWAYS, just mirrored.
Hope I helped.

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Except when adjusting tension. This is due to the direction of the twist of a normal string.


I purposely do this, I think.


What hes saying guys is that when he does the whip he doesnt get into the plastic whip mount thing but he does a one handed whip bind. My advice, this is happening because AFTER you whipped it the string isnt still on your thumb, you have to keep it on your thumb. Kind of hard to explain and i did bad sorry :stuck_out_tongue: hope you understand haha


Yes you are correct, I keep getting a one handed bind, it’s not what I want but I’ve gotten pretty good at getting that result.

It seems hard to think about somehow keeping the string on my thumb after whipping it, but I’ll make an attempt


Grab the yoyo with your right hand, and whip with your left, so you can so it slowlyto see whats going on.


^^^ andy’s got the best advice imho


Is this with the yoyo spinning or not? Didn’t get a chance to throw much today cause my new center trac bearing ate up my string and I didn’t have my bulk bag on me


When the yoyo is spinning andyou try to whip it it happensh too fast and you cant see it… Ou dont know whats going on and you mess up… So instead of letting gravitytake control of you, grab the yoyo dead with yourright hand so you have as much time as you need. Now practice whipping it slowly so you can see whatsgoing on… Once you understand and know how its done, you can try real time.


he means to tell you to hold it with the yoyo not spinning.