Plastic whip to bind.


Hey guys I have wondered how to bind with one hand with plastic whip, how should I do it?

(UmeNagisa) #2

well first do plastic whip

and swing slightly towards your TH side and let go of the loop


Also helps a bit if you bring your thumb and pointer finger closer together before swinging.



And also swing it kind of upwards to get it to bind.


I keep the string slightly pinched between my thumb and index finger before swinging it upward a bit and letting go. It grabs better that way for me.


is easy , 1st move your TH middle finger backward so the string is like in a brain twister bind
2nd drop your thumb and it’ll bind on it’s own like Sky bind .
Also another thing about Plastic whip that’s are cool that you could make it into Gyroscopic Flop by pulling the middle strings foward and grab the back and front strings pull backward ^^ .


I have always found it easier to bind when you drop your thumb to the back a little as you are pulling up and swinging the yoyo forward slightly. That way the slack loop will hit the back of the yoyo and create pore friction to create the bind. I hope that helps, and makes sense. Good luck.