Plastic Whip

this is a trick i skipped in when going through the trick ladder because it was frustrating as heck. I recently went back and learned it in hopes it will help with other whips(which it has). Im wondering if people do anything with the plastic whip to work it into a combo or any other tricks. Right now, i land the whip, and do a few quasi brain twisters and throw forward into a bind…is there anything im missing?? ohh i guess the gyro flop too, but then i bind right after because it slows the yoyo down so much. anything else or am i over thinking the plastic whip and should it just be used as an entry level whip…TIA

You can use Plastic Whip to bind as you described, but as a finish to a trick or combo. Works from the front or side.

You may be doing this already from what you described, but I do a sort of Ripcord maneuver to get into an Under Mount from PW. Just place your NTH index between the string closest to you, and the two farther out. Then roll the yoyo onto the two outer strings twice, and drop the loop from the TH thumb. From there you can go into other tricks and combos thay start with an Under Mount.

From a side PW, I like to swing the yoyo in a breakaway motion, drop the loop, and land it into a Trapeze. You have to swing it hard, or it will snag. Again, you can continue with anything that starts with Trapeze.

thanks for the tip! yea i do the ripcord thing already. Gonna work on the side mount PW. Im thinking its still more of an entry level whip to get the feel down before you get into some of the crazy stuff.

Hello, I also just learned the plastic whip. I have a question regarding the follow I front bind. Usually when I bind by sending the Yoyo forward the tail will be a bit long and it will wrap around the Yoyo making for a high chance of it snagging for the next throw or even if it doesn’t snag it makes for an unpleasant unwind. Am I doing something wrong and what can I do so that the bind is cleaner (like a regular back spin bind)

I often transition from the plastic whip into a gyroscopic-flop or into a few keychain loops which lead into the front one-hand bind. If I throw hard enough I can transition from the gyro-flop or keychain into any other front trick, but generally I use it at the end as a flourish bind.

terrinecold - I messed around and watched what I was doing closely. I didn’t have the tail problem you’re describing, but perhaps this may help.
When you catch the yoyo on the plastic whip your TH is palm up and the tail is not crossed with the string tied to your TH. If you flip your TH over the tail is crossed. Perhaps try to bind with palm up or fingers pointing down, so the tail is less crossed if that makes sense.
Also, you can bind with the Yoyo pointing straight down, throw the Yoyo straight forward, or throw the Yoyo forward and up at 45 degrees. Perhaps varying this will help.
And finally how much and how hard you pull your TH during the bind will probably affect the tail length. GL

Thanks for the answer. I do have less of the problem with practice. It seems that if once I catch the whip I bring my finger together (so the strings are less crossed and more parallel) it helps. I’ll try to completely uncross it. What has been a bit frustrating with this trick is that I can go from one day making it work 10 times out of 10 to only o CE every 2 or 3 tries. When the whip fails to catch the Yoyo it often catches my thumb instead so (if there is enough spin left) to retry I need to first detangle my thumb before I retry.

The bind from plastic whip becomes a bit of a trajectory and spin speed thing for me. If you’re still spinning pretty fast, you don’t want it to go fully “forward”. Depending on setup, you can bind just from dropping the plastic whip and barely letting the yoyo swing forward at all.

I agree, and it also helps to experiment with feathering the release. You kind of follow the yoyo out a bit as you let go. I think just practicing it will get you there.

I definitely see the speed dependency. If I either miss the whip and have to try several times or if I do it after another trick I have to throw the Yoyo more forward or either up.
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I have noticed sometimes when I do the plastic whip it lands in the front mount instead of the front bind. I think this happens when I hit the yoyo with my pointer side string instead of the thumb side string. I’m still trying to figure out what happens.

Same happens to me. Thankfully it’s easy to spot.

I have seen mentions at the beginning of this thread of doing a brain twister from the plastic whip. Anybody knows a video of that (hopefully a slow one).
If not, could you try to describe how to do it?