Plastic whip

HI, I’m kind of a noob to yoyoing I started learning plastic whip yesterday. Now I can catch it everytime except it almost always catches backwards and when I try to dismount it makes a knot. I dnt know if I’m doing something wrong but can anybody help. ??? ??? ???

Try to look at the video tutorial again for in case, or look at the
mount that you did after the plastic whip, then dismount.

Happy Throwing1 =]

Check and see when the yoyo is caught backwards if the string is twisted together. If so, then try to undo them whole the yoyo is spinning before getting it back to your hand.

Yeah thanks guys i say the video again and analyzed it.I found my mistake.

Thanks ;D

Hey, what about telling us what the mistake was, so it can help other people in the future? I just wanna know ;D

ya, what was your mistake, cause I’m catching it consistently and its consistently backwards.

Thought I’d mention a little more of what my problem is. Basically, I can catch it no problem, but the string going around my thumb always crosses itself, so I’m not really in a braintwisterish mount— rather I have to untwist the string before I can do anything else. I’ve watched the vid over carefully and my hand positioning is correct. Can anyone help out with this?

it is probably string tension. it is causing the yoyo string to twist in the air but your whip is spot on so it is still catching but its catching after it twisted. Just in Case for your string tension needs

if you dont understand you pick the yo up as seen and flip the string around to the left again and again then just check to see how your tension is and keep adjusting as needed

I was thinking this must be the problem so I did a little test. I put a fresh string on, first throw was a sleeper, first attempt at my plastic whip landed— still a twisted string :smiley: