Need some Plastic Whip help

[s]I can do the motions of Plastic Whip and even catch it on the yo yo very often (only took me like 5 or so tries to get it down!), but when I do get it the string is usually around my wrist (I don’t even know how…) and when I let go of the yoyo I get a knot. When I try to dismount from it, I can’t because it seems like the string went through the throw hand’s string that’s on my finger and landed on my wrist. This even happens when it is staying on my thumb.

Please help me out![/s]

Edit: After making this thread, I went and looked at the Wrist Whip, and realized that to dismount from a Plastic Whip that is caught backwards you just pop the yoyo out just like in Wrist Whip.