Plastic Whip

Whenever I land a plastic whip, it catches wrong(backwards, I think). When I go to dismount I always get a knot. Can anyone post a few pics showing the wrong ways to land it vs. the right ways to land it and give me a few pointers on what I might be doing wrong and how to fix it?

keep your hand straight and try to make the biggest loop possible. give your wrist more of a flicking motion

Ok, I can land it the right way, but I don’t know how to dismount. Can anyone explain?

Ok some tips: If you are doing it right dismount by dropping your thumb… if you are doing it wrong then bring the loop over your wrist and make it a wrist whip…

I’m pretty sure that diagram is labelled backwards. Even if you watch Andre’s video, you see him say the loop is twisted if you land it backwards. So the picture on the left is correct, and the picture on the right is a backwards plastic loop.

I agree, the wrong is actually right, and the right, is actually wrong.

Holy crap I did it!! I have been messing around with Plastic Whip for a while now. It was beginning to seem impossible… Tonight, I decided to get serious and I really studied Andre’s video to figure out how the whip was supposed to work. Sure enough, I landed it. Then I landed it again. And again. Holy crap I can’t believe it! ;D Even my wife was impressed and that’s saying something!

Congrats! I remember feeling the same sense of accomplishment when I first started landing this trick. Eventually, you won’t even have to think about it and you will just throw/land it every time. Now learn Iron and Jade Whip!

Yeah… those are next…!! Can’t wait!

I did the plastic whip so that I could do the Jyroscopic Flop. I’m still crappy on doing the jade and iron whips.

how un-responsive does my yoyo have to be ??? i have a flying squrrel anf getting a freehand zero today

it just needs to be unresponsive to the point that it wont come back up if you jerk the yoyo hard.

ok thats how my yoyo is ;D

I can land it the correct way(the wrong way in the diagram), and it sometimes works but most of the time when I just drop it, I get a knot, I don’t get it. Also, isn’t dropping the thumb just dropping the loop. ???

This is because when you drop it, the loop is crossing into the yoyo gap, and therefore, it binds. Make sure you dont cross it when you let go.
Also, there is the possibility that you are landing in a wrist whip but with your thumb.

Have Fun Throwing,

it probably means your string tension aint good, and the loop was caught like a 2+ revs gyro flops which WILL get a knot, or you’re just binding lol. Throw at least 4 times hard to make sure you really have a GENUINE knot, not just a bind knot before opening your yo.

omg omg omg omg i did it ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Cool, nice job.

Anyway, yoyofreak11, can you do it?

Sometimes, but I still occasionally get knots when i drop the loop… i don’t get it!

when you have the correct plastic whip then you drop it then you have a real big loop, try to make the loop smaller. Or simply dismount the front mount then bind.