Plastic whip help

Hey guys, I recently started to try the plastic whip. I started to land it a few days ago, but then I watched the tutorial again and saw that I was landing in the opposite mount of what Andre was doing. So I was wondering if you guys had any tips for me, or if this is just me being a noob who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

keep practicing , but i don’t know if this can help but try bending your wrist while popping the yoyo up 1 or 1.5 inches , i still does landed on the opposite side but is rare

Wait, are you supposed o land in an under mount or the mount that you would bind from? 'Cause I keep landing in the bind mount.

I had the same problem at first. Now I can actually hit either one that I choose. Try throwing the string a tiny bit to the right when you do it. (assuming you are right handed)

Wait, what’s the tip for hitting it the opposite way of what’s intended? (maybe the way the OP always does it). I’ve gotten it “correct” since the beginning with the exception of a few flukes. Wouldn’t mind knowing how to do it the opposite way intentionally!

You are doing it correctly.

Try gently tossing the yoyo forward after you land the plastic whip for a stylish 1 handed bind.

Also… Practice landing in a front mount, swinging the yoyo forward (like a forward pass dismount on a responsive yoyo), and then throwing a plastic whip horizontally in front of you. Its a fun way to end a front style combo.

So I am not doing anything wrong? I am still a little unclear on how to land in an under mount from a plastic whip, please clarify if possible.

You’re supposed to land in the mount that you can bind from.

It really helps to just sit down, hold the yoyo, and practice the motion over and over while seeing what the string is supposed to do. After a while, try practicing it.

It’s just a feel thing but just throw the string a bit to the left.

I’m not certain if you are doing anything wrong. When the plastic whip is done the string attached to your finger will be in the gap closest to you. The string over your thumb will be in the gap furthest from you.

The yoyo will land in the 1 hand trapeze mount i guess , not under mount , ain’t no way plastic whip design to do under mount

the easyest way to do it is tilt your throwhand down so that extra slack gives in

It typically goes into a bind mount that’s the same as a reverse trapeze’d undermount. Maybe that’s where the breakdown in our “plastic whip to matrix” conversation went. :wink: My question above was “Oh neat, how do I do it opposite?” Following that advice, I was able to successfully get it into a one-handed trapeze mount a few times, too. But normally it should go into a bind mount.

Like i said Greg , is depend on the directions your throwing your yoyo :wink:

No, as it turns out, once you know the trick it depends on which way you throw the loop! Without changing the direction of the throw at all (just a plain old sleeper), you can get into either a one hand trapeze or a one hand “undermount/bind mount” (forward-facing, mind you)!

Armed with that knowledge, I could now do your combo without throwing the yoyo differently after all. I just have to throw the whip differently.

try my second version combo , add the tricks Kwijibo into it ^^