Multifarious Whip Help

So anyone who knows this trick please help me. When i do the plastic whip motion without my NTH finger to intercept, I land in an under mount on one hand. When I intercept, the two loops just come around and don’t hook on. Any tips?

dont know wat u mean by an under mount on one hand. just do you mean the mount is correct or not?

Yes. When it lands it doesn’t wrap around my NTH

thats weird, in my experience this doesnt even require a particularly strong whip. If you can hit the plastic part consistently, try sinking down your hands especially nth a little

Should my finger push in to the string from the side far away from me

I invented this trick a year ago lol, or so I thought.

It lands like himassa hook you are just holding the loop on you throw hand index.

Instead of doing a Plastic Whip that ends in a Hook, focus on the Hook but just have your finger in there. The bigger the loop the better. Good luck.

just whip it hard so that the loop has enough momentum to go over your nth index and loop into the yoyo.

I still cant get it the whip wont go around my nth finger

Sorry nevermind i just landed it when i put super long kitty string on it