Plastic Whip Help?

I’m trying to learn Plastic Whip, and I can get the yoyo to land fairly consistently on the string, the only problem is, I almost always land it backwards. Any ideas on how to fix this?

It’s hard to explain, but as you practice, you can visualize and attempt to hit it (if you’re right-handed) to the right of the gap. If you hit it to the left of the gap it will come out backwards.

Just takes practice.

Could you give a run-through of how you do your plastic whip? I had that problem at one point in time and it had to do with how I was moving the string.

Now that I can hit it effortlessly 100% of the time, I’ve the following tips for you:

  1. When you do your whip, you will be yanking up the yoyo to get that slack for whipping. Maximise yoyo hang time so that you can work on the whipping motion. To do that, at the same time that the yoyo is jerked upwards, move your hand downwards. I hope that makes sense to you, it’s hard to just use words to describe it.

  2. Use your middle finger to really whip the string forwards and downwards - it’s all in that flick of the finger.

That’s all I can suggest for now, since I’m not sure what you might be doing wrong. Hope it helps!

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I just yank it up and throw my hand forward. It’s hard to explain.

Ok I’ll try to explain this the best I can.
I throw a hard sleeper. Then with my right (throw hand) I make an reverse L with my hand and tumb. Then tuck the string behind my thumb in that L. Then I twist my hand as I throw a small karate chop at the yoyo. you should see the string make a loop and you want to hit I think the fatherest right string of that loop on the yoyo. XD That’s the best I can do with out a video.

I don’t throw to the left or right of the gap, but rather, I throw it straight into the gap. I think there might be a fundamental difference in the way we execute the trick, but the end result is identical. I do think that my method might be a bit easier though? No way to tell without a video. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the guy is talking about if he lands in a front mount or in a under mount in which case leads to a bind. There are two ways you can end up getting in when you throw the whip and Grre is trying to clarify how to get which.

I’ll try to get a video of it later.

Yes. You can either whip so that you land ready for a bind or so that you land in an undermount. And it all depends on which side of the gap you hit.

The trick is too simple for there to be differences in how we’re executing it. You just may not have stumbled on the fact that you can actually land in the undermount. :wink: Which is fine. Just means you’ve never done it “wrong”.

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All I was concerned with, really. :stuck_out_tongue: I had a passing worry that I’d been doing it wrong. Good to have learnt something new!