Plastic Whip Help

I’m having trouble with Plastic Whip. When I throw the Slack the Yo-Yo catches it but I don’t have it wrapped around my thumb. When I try with my thumb the slack falls off. Any tips or hints?

aim for the gap, but have your throw hand at an angle instead of parallel to the yoyo. so the string can go around the yo.

Practice making the loop with the string. Don’t try to catch the yo-yo yet. Keep practicing this until you’re comfortable with it and you can make large loops. Then just aim with your thumb for the gap.

when i do it i curve thumb up and have my hand at about a 45 degree angle

I always find it helpful to keep my hand and wrist rigid and at the same angle during the whole whip motion. I usually like to keep it parallel to the ground but as long as you keep your wrist straight and keep the motion in your elbow, you’ll have a much higher success rate. Also, make sure that the string rests more on the base of your thumb rather than the tip. That gives it more wiggle room and less chance for that string to fly off during the motion.