Plastic Whip Advice

Hello guys… Im new to the forum and new to modern yoyoing. Only been doing string tricks for a few weeks now.

I was having trouble landing plastic whips until today. My problem was the string kept falling off of my thumb when I was whipping it. I started pinching my throw-hand thumb with my other hand. After practicing that way for a while I was able to land them single handedly almost every time. I hope this info can help anyone else having trouble with plastic whips.

Just sit down in a chair, hold the yoyo, and practice the motion over and over. This should help you get a feel for the trick. Once you think you have practiced enough try it with a sleeping yoyo. It will definitely take some practice, but you will get it.

Just don’t give up on it and keep trying. This was a hard one for me too.

Don’t wanna brag but I actually got it on the first few times. Motion is really easy. What helped me was to see everything in slow motion and see exactly what to do.

I was able to getting the first few throws after I got rid of the stock string on my DM2. (It was brand new)

I found another way to keep the string from slipping off your thumb is as you hop the yoyo up and form the slack segment, to turn your palm so that your fingers are facing forward but your thumb is at about the 10 o’clock position.


Thats how I throw them now.