Yuuki Slack...yucky slack? I need some help :)

As “simple” as this trick should be, I’m having the toughest time doing the second half of the trick. Here’s a quick POV clip of me attempting this trick so you can see what I’m doing wrong. In case you wonder, I’m throwing a YYF Shutter, a perfect candidate for learning tricks as it’s catch zone is rather wide open, extremely stable and it’s motions are slightly slower moving due to it’s weight.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, while mean time I study my video and compare it to ibanezcollector’s first person video (which I had to youtube rip and mirror as he throws lefty) :slight_smile:

Continuing to hold the string. I notice you release your pinch. You need to keep it pinched the entire time. That and practice.

And… I just got through 1 cycle of yuuki slack. I wouldn’t say it was the most graceful but at least got to see what it felt like. Now it’s a matter of locking that pinch in on the initial Trapeze and landing the Trapeze on that sweet spot. May take video later if I progress nicely :slight_smile:

that is awesome. Keep at it. I’m also practicing hitting that sweet spot on the string. Just keep that pinch and you’ll get it in no time, if you make another video, let me know. If you figure out any helpful tips, let me know. I’ll do the same

Mini update as I just did another solid 15 minutes of practice on my break and came with the conclusion: Wind sucks…enough to mess up a nice flowing slack, something I had going nicely this morning. Just going to keep at it and keep that pinch nice and tight (which is a bit of a challenge with a heavier throw).


I saw from your video that in your trapeze your yo-yo was rather far from your finger (maybe 3 inches, but I cant say with certainty). When I was learning Yuuki Slack, I found that if you start from a trapeze in which the yo-yo is close to your finger (think about an inch-- maybe 1.5 inches) then this allows you to get more slack going on and maintain the flow.

I hope this helps!

Yea I noticed it was a bit far as well, been working on getting a smaller Trapeze (that sweet spot) so that I have enough string to catch the yoyo on the second swing around.

Update: A few things I have learned over the course of the day:
1-Try to land that initial trapeze close to my non throw hand
2-As it lands, get a solid pinch and as the yoyo swings around, bring the throw hand close. This opens the slack nice and wide
3-Keeping the trapeze close to the non throw hand, this opens up enough string for swinging the yoyo back around
4-Lastly, string tension…

More as I continue to learn :slight_smile:

Sorry for double post, here’s some half decent progress. The clip is about a minute long with lots of bad takes and a few good takes. I’m looking back at what I’m doing to see where I’m doing wrong and/or where I can improve. Would like to have this trick most of the way down by this weekend for Bay Area Classic :slight_smile:

What I need to work on:
-Check string tension
-Getting things lined up
-Catching that return slack
-Smoothing things out once I can keep things consistent.