Yuuki slack advice?

This one escapes me. I can tell from my attempts that something is really wrong, there’s something I’m missing. I think it might be something that’s happening on the pinch because I end up literally holding the string between my thumb and index fingertips. There’s no wrapping at any point. One of the YouTube videos I watched had a comment from a guy who said “lol good luck to you guys trying to learn this from a video” and I’m starting to think he might know something I don’t…

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Try this video.

You have to click the “download video” to watch it.

Looks pretty helpful. I definitely give it a go tomorrow.

Have you seen Yuuki’s Cabin Tutorial?

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Strangely enough no I hadn’t. I was watching thinking “ok cool” but then he next-leveled me before I was done with the first level lol

There is a cool feature that I use all the time, maybe you know about it. But watch the video on youtube, and then you’ll see the little “Gear” symbol on the bottom right hand corner of the video. Click on that and then change to the highest resolution. Then while the video is playing click on that “Gear” again and you can click on “.25” to slow the video way down. I found out about that around a year ago and use it all the time to learn tricks :slight_smile:


What helped me to finally nail the trick was to make sure to hold the first pinch the entire duration of the trick, starting on the very first step from the trapeze to double or nothing. The make sure you keep your hands the same relative distance apart, and only let go of the string with your throw hand RIGHT AFTER the yoyo contacts the string for the first time. You actually don’t need to swing the yoyo around very fast for it to work - just make sure that its a good strong swing so that you can catch the string coming around. Then for the second “swing” it might be easier to land on the string first, pause, and then do a “trapeze and his brother” slack kind of movement (but twice, and in the opposite direction). Eventually you’ll have no pauses and be able to do it repeatedly with reasonable flow.