i noticed that i only know slack trapeze and revolutions and one that i my friend taught me. i am working on yuuki slack, but i am not there yet. anyone know any good easy slack tricks to learn?

look, i am really bored. i haven’t tried to learn a super long trick that is somewhat challenging but not so hard that i give up on it. i have been perfecting supaflow and now it is awesome and i include my own part, and now i can grind through triangle, so i need a long, not repetitive trick.
skin the gerbil=not repetitive but too simple.
so something like skin the gerbil but not so easy that i can learn in 2 hours. and i want some slacks.

woops, just found another thread just like this, but still, anything easy that has slacks in it i would apreaciate it

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Try Ninja Vanish or if you want to try a couple whip trick go on to Iron Whip and Jade Whip all very awesome tricks that dont take to long.

Jade whip to follow? I believe that’s what its called. Where to slack and yoyo are going around the hand

know all of those exept follow. i am working on it though.

how about desperado, pretty sweet slack trick ;D, I’m working on it right now.

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