Slack introduction

So I started throwing just a few months ago, and i made some nice progress for the time I put in. I learned stuff like Superman, Spiritbomb, Haddock and so on. Wich are some pretty “challenging Tricks” at least for a pretty new YoYoer.
So I made good progress in technical tricks, but I´m having a lot of trouble getting into slack tricks.
I just can do the basic Whips (Iron,Jade,Plastic). The only harder slack trick I know is Revolutions, wich took me a while to get down.

So my question is just, what are some tricks that would help me with getting the feel for slack, its really intimedating for me to start harder slack tricks. so I would like to get into it slow.

To make it short, what “easy” slack tricks do you know that I could try.


Look up brother slack. Its a great one I use in most of my combos.

ahh right^^actually I know brother slack already… thats a really really easy one, but i agree that its cool, i use it a lot too

Oh :smiley: Well the first part of yuuki slack is pretty easy and double or nothing slack. ibanezcollector has a youtube video of an intermediate slack combo you could check out. Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

ah nice! that combo is exactly that i´m looking for! thank you!

why not try Follow, or Lord of the Flies, those are nice slacks to put into a combo.

ya^^why not get into a style of tricks by doing some of the hardest first :wink:

Yea, lord of the flies is an insane trick…

Now, onto your question. Yuuki slack’s a cool trick. It’ll feel awkward at first but you’ll get the hang of it… I’m currently working on it, and it was real awkward for me when I started doing it, but it gets easier and smoother.

And don’t think you have to be a master at slacks to be a good thrower. There are some throwers that are beastly at technical stuff with little to no slacks in their routines. Yea, you’ll want to know some of the basic fundamental slack tricks but you don’t need to be a master at them. You can just stick to learning technical stuff and eventually start creating some yourself and learn some slacks along the way when you feel like it.

Ya, i just learned some tricks with smaller slack elements, like ladder escape and haddock, both of them have pretty easy slack elements, so that helped a lot with getting the hang of slack a bit more

Plan D should be ur nxt addition with some minor slacks.

how much time you’re playing?
have you tried ninja vanish or gondola ?they are nice easy slack tricks