I need help learning slack tricks

I am having a hard time learning slack tricks. Please give me some pointers and possibly a tutorial for some easy slack tricks. If you could please tell me some easy slack tricks. Thanks!


Keep your string tension perfect and some easy ones are. Slack trapeze mach whip double or nothing slack

Slack Trapeze and Plastic Whip are good ones to start out with.

Trapeze brother slack is really easy

Ok I will try them out


jade whip, revolutions, the first step of yuuki slack, plasyic whip, jedi backflip…

Here’s a few that are very easy and a ton of fun or just some of my favorites

The first slack of this trick


This should give you a few options of tricks to learn most are fairly easy to do just remember where your string tension is.

that’s also Tue first of yuuki slack :wink: and thanks, now I have to learn that :stuck_out_tongue: