Easy slacks


Any easy slack tricks? I want to add more slack into my routine.


Trapeze and his brother slack is pretty easy.

Just remember to pinch that string, don’t let it slide over your finger.

(Erik Kerber ) #3

That is a nice easy one that adds a good amount of flourish to your routine another would be revolutions its pretty easy as long as you know 11/2 mount  there’s a tutorial for it in the learn section other wise a quick search on youtube should yield good results


Trapeze and his brother slack is a bit too easy. I want a step up from that.


I love doing jade whip and then when it lands do an iron whip


A bit harder than that please.


throw a houdini mount and pinch the string with your throwhand pointer and thumb. Then drop the string on your NTH thumb creating a slack. Then unmount the yoyo and swing it into the slack.


You can do a Slack Trick in a lot of places you wouldn’t think you can do them in I am noticing, you have to get in there and mess around with them. The Element it’s self is simply the “Pinching Of The String” action. The Trapeze and His Brother Slack is the easiest by far, then I guess Slack Trapeze but I have been working on Yuuki Slack longer. I just picked up Slack Trapeze and it wasn’t as hard this time around really trying it for about an hour that I got it.

So to start, Trapeze and His Brother Slack and Slack Trapeze obviously. Then, learn slightly more complicated Slack Tricks like the Classic Monorail/The Gondola, Ninja Vanish, 1 and a Half Revolutions, Follow style Tricks…