New trick-- Unnamed

I don’t know what I’m going to call this trick, but I thought of it originally. I don’t have a video camera, so I cant record it, but I would appreciate it very much if anyone could record this trick. This isn’t a very advanced trick, its kind of a combination of a few advanced level tricks, its not too hard. Alright, here we GO!!

Throw a breakaway, then do a wrist whip up.

Pop the yoyo up and out into somewhat of a trapeze, the string will be twisted.

Untwist the string with your nonthrowhand pointer quickly, then slip it onto your nonthrowhand thumb.

Do the move from the matrix, where you flip from a trapeze into a double or nothing, this will land you in a houdini mount.

Drop the string on your throwhand pointer.

Flip the yoyo over your left hand pointer finger, it will appear to be in a trapeze, although it isn’t.

Bring your pointers together, and flip the yoyo 360 degrees, to the right over both the fingers. NOW you are in a trapeze. Dismount and your done.

Sounds tight you should make a video to give us a better idea.

sounds great
i do have a camra but that was kind of hard to understand and i dont want to kill your trick