And whut

When i do the first move and come out of the houdini mount and unwrap it doesnt land into a trapeze it just comes of string.

did you do the lindy loop?

Houdini mount. Then double wrap the mini trapeze the yoyo is in. Drop thumb and pointer. Unwrap.

Yeah my advice here is to do this part of the trick as slow as you can. So throw your self a houdini mount, and just stop for a moment and think about what youre going to do.

Make sure the yoyo is landing back onto the string when your throw it over for the second time.

Make sure the only string you drop is your thumb to start with. Then once you drop that, just spread your hands apart to get rid of the slack. Then you should be into a kind of double trapeze type thing.

Then, simply move your throwhand underneath the yoyo so that the doubled on string unwraps.

Follwing those steps you should find yourself right back into a trapeze. Like i said though, the key here is to do it really slow, make it take 10 seconds or so for this whole process. Obviously once you get better you can speed it up, but when youre just learning how a trick works, slowness is the best way :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile: