gentry stein wrist hops

so does any one know how to do them from like 1:00 to 1:04 thanks

Since no one has answered this yet. I will help the bast I can.

Well… I can’t tell you how he gets into the position to do them, but I can tell you how you can get into the postion to do them.

I think it will be easier to understand if I explain it this way. Start doing a houdini mount but stop after the yoyo is draping over your throwhand index finger.(in other words, don’t go for the trapeze at the end of the houdini mount) Now… move both of your hands out to the side of your body that your throwhand is on and pivot on your throwhand-side foot, turning to face the yoyo so that is in front of you like you are going to do a split-bottom mount. The next move is very much like a split bottom mount except you will be using the opposite index finger you normally use for a split bottom mount(your non-throwhand index finger.) Do the “split-bottom” mount with this finger. Then double it up(by this I mean do it again, so that it is double-wrapped around your finger. Ok… Now… Pivot back the way you came on the same foot and bring your hands in front of you so that you are yoyoing side-style again. Release the string from your thumb as you swing your throwhand in front of you, then behind your non-throwhand shoulder, then pull the string down over the front of this shoulder. Grab the string running behind your shoulder(and under your armpit) with your throwhand(to hold it in place.) You will notice the one of the wraps came off and you are left in a trapeze that you are holding with a hooked index finger on your non-throwhand.(your non-throwhand knuckle is pointing down at the yoyo) You are now in the postion to do the hops. Pop the yoyo up and out, than back into the trapeze while keeping your non-throwhand pointer hooked like it was, and then pop the yoyo up and out while under your non-throwhand arm and then back into the trapeze again. Repeat. Bring your throwhand back around the way it came. Dismount. Bind. Enjoy.