Houdini Gyroscopic GT

Can someone please find another video for this trick for me. Not the one from high speed yoyo. Thanks :wink:

well i’ll look around for a vid and then edit the post but its really easy actually.  go into a houdini mount and pop the yoyo backwards into the traingle formed by your thumb and throw hand pointerfinger. then pop the yoyo up to untangle and pull.  i’ll get the vid as soon as possible.

EDIT: found some!

Thanks. Are there any that end in a “Green Triangle”.


  1. trapeze
  2. slack houdini
  3. 360 flop
  4. reach throw hand toward your body through tunnel
  5. pull 2 strings NOT attached to your finger with free hand.
  6. bask in pseudo-gt
  7. exit to the front.