need help with PR's Revenge!


al right so i was doing a bit of youtube surfing and came across this video its not very hard but i am having a tough time following it especially right before 0:35 it is extremely hrad to follow there as well at the end with the slack can anyone help me out or find a better tutorial?


Right before 35 seconds:
When you are in the Houdini mount, you need to bounce the yoyo up into the string he is motioning to with his throwhand. Then you need to bounce the yoyo into the top string again landing in a 1.5-like mount

The slacky part:
Turn your non-throwhand down and grab the string.
Rotate your hand counter-clockwise and put the string into the gap of the yoyo
Your non-throwhand should be in the right side of the yoyo
Take your throwhand an the string and rotate it underneath the yoyo into the GT formation.

I hope this helped