and whut

so having a ton of trouble with it…i have been working for almost 2 weeks :frowning: does anyone have an extremely detailed tut? i can get to the part where you flop off the strings from a 1 1/1 mount and then pull the string through then twist your hand. but when i twist and pull the strings its twisted at the part by the yoyo…so yea any help? lol ???

erm. explain your problem better…

perhaps post a video of what you’re doing, or describe it a bit better?
All I can suggest is keep watching the video, and keep working on it.
maybe try some other videos.

Yes you go into a 1/5 mount. Then you flip the yoyo to the left. Pop the yoyo out in front. Then use your non-throwhand to pluck that string which is DIRECTLY connected to the yoyo.

Now you should be in a “Motorcycle” formation. Twist it to the right into the yoyo.

i have passed the part where you pop off all strings and pull tht string threw to get your first triangle formation. I just get screwed up where you twist your hand and pull the second string…

What are you talking about?

have you watched the yye tutorial

watch this from 1:23 a couple times. youll see what hes doing