please help me with ladder escape!

everytime I get that slack over my hand and when I extend it I get a bad knot…
but on videos I watch there where I get knot there they have nicely twisted string…
please help me!
I’m stuck!
And im going to show video or picture aswell too

Are you doing it properly? When you swing the slack around, swing it outwards around on top of your throwhand. There will be a loop hanging down, closest to your non-throwhand finger. If you pull that, it will have an extra wrap, but hop the yoyo into the formation you just made and the extra wrap is undone. Drop the loop on your throwhand as you just swang over before. Drop yoyo into the loop and GT. The GT might look different, but hop outwards, done.

yes I’m doing it properly just like you said…
I’m going to upload a video so you could see

This is the tut that helped me get it:

I’ve always liked first-person tuts best  :wink:

i like beverchaukus tut the best, my guess is, your mount is wrong. assuming you are right handed, do you see a twist on the forward left part? if you see that twist its the right mount. i would link the tut, but im at school, so i cant get to youtube.

yup I’m doing the mount right
If I’m not doing the mount ride I couldn’t do haddock correctly :smiley: