ladder mount help.

I can’t just figure out how to get it done. could someone send me a tut?

Which part in particular is your trouble?

When you do the ladder mount one of the mos important things is that after you swing the yoyo between the two strings and your body you have to twist your finger in towards yourself. Whe you do that you need to make sure that you don’t hook your finger on any of the strings.

i think he was learning it from this site and he couldnt get the curl in your finger part thats where i had trouble

try this,
swing the yo around your NTH and TH index fingers and then land the yo on the outside string. then take your NTH thumb and push into the top string there and swing the yo through the open shape and let it dangle. then from the spot where you let the yo thru take your NTH thumb out and untwist it with your NTH index then reinsert your NTH thumb and take out your NTH index. then using your NTH index land the yo in a mini trapeze. then take your TH thumb and place it in the same loop as your TH index. if you’ve seen any vid for the ladder mount you will know that you have completed it.

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