what's wrong with my ladder mount!!!

(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

I followed all the steps that Andre shows, but it just looks all tangled, and i can’t follow part 2 because of it…

PS. I can post pics of what my messed up ladder mount looks like if it would help.

(JM) #2

Try this one:

(Johnny rocks!!!) #3

i did exactly what this guy said and it still looks all twisted. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

(DOGS) #4

you need to describe what twisted is. is there a twist on your thumb?


A picture would be great.


I just figured it out yesterday and I think I had the same problem! Following JM’s video, after you’ve got it in a trapeze and his bro situation, you pop the yo-yo off the far string to the INSIDE, so it goes between the two strings, then bring it back and over top of both strings. Swing it up into a trapeze around your freehand pointer and you should be there. I’m just going off memory since I don’t have a yo-yo handy, but I’m pretty sure that’ll get you into a ladder mount.

I also thought the video in this thread was really helpful:

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you where right!!! thank you so much!!!