Ladder mount

Please help me, I just can’t figure out the ladder mount. If you would give me some tips that you would think would help i’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

so i´ll try to break it down… its pretty simple, but its a little bit confusing at first.

you go around like a 1.5 mount but dont mount the yoyo, so it just hangs down.
then you swing the yoyo from your side of the string over the strings… so your yoyo wrapped over the string once
now you mount the yoyo in a trapeze on your NTH like you normally would,
last you insert your thumb into the loop on your throwhand and spread it, leaving you in a ladder mount

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Do you have a instagram look up thrownation we did a tut on it

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Oops wring thread.

figured out the ladder mount ;D thanks so much everyone that gave advice to me, I appreciate it :slight_smile: