stuck at the beginning of the ladder mount


I am trying to to learn ladder escape. At the beginning of the ladder mount, these are the steps I am doing: 1) Throw a break away like I am going to do a double or nothing, but instead I use my thumb on my non throw hand instead of my index finger. 2) when the string goes over my index throw finger, I swing the yoyo under and over the strings and around my index finger and at the same time, curling my throw hand index finger. 3) what string do I put my thumb through that is around my index finger???

I looked at andre’s video and Grawrd’s video…can’t pin point which string it is

(D@§h!zn!t) #2

Here is something that might help:


If you still cant get that way of a ladder mount i have found a easyer way into one.
part1. double or nothing.
part2. pop yoyo onto top string like the part in black hops, remember to release the string with your non throw hand- you should be in a wierd trapeze and bro mount with a twist in the loop.
part3.with your non throw hand take the string(in that hand) and cicle the yoyo, the yoyo shouldnt be on any strings-this move should take the yoyo of the string.
part4. holding all the string land in a trapeze and theres the ladder mount.
hope you under stood this.

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Good to know you’re learning it correctly.

There should be an eensey weensey twist on your throwhand pointer. Your thumb goes in there.