Stuck on Ladder Escape.

I am currently doing the trick called “Ladder Escape”. I did the ladder mount, and now I am stuck on the part RIGHT after doing the mount. I can’t get the yo-yo through the triangle that I create with my thumb and index. Most of the time it lands on the outer most string, and sometimes it lands on the string INSIDE the triangle which is connected to my finger. I can’t get the yo-yo in the triangle without hitting the strings. I want it to go in smoothly and continue. I can’t move on until I get this down.

open as wide as you can

when i do ladder escape what i do is pull my throwhand middle finger back. This should make the triangle much bigger and you want to keep in mind that you want to open the triangle very wide with your throwhand thumb and pointer finger. Hope this helps bro :slight_smile:

If you want to do it clean through, follow the advice ^^.

But if you just want to get over this, you can land the yoyo on the outmost string. Then hop the yoyo toward yourself, into the triangle. This is just a breakdown if you wanna just get over this part.

  1. Get into ladder mount.
  2. Pause.
  3. Position the mount under you head so your looking STRAIGHT down at the mount.
  4. Practice landing the yoyo in the mount.

in andre’s tut, he only need 2 fingers, but if you find it hard to land the yoyo smoothly, try opening with 3 4 fingers or your whole hands if you want.

This is what helped me get it:

Also: Try using the search button…  :stuck_out_tongue:,28895.0.html,9967.0.html,26748.0.html,8796.0.html,7321.0.html,9933.0.html,17708.0.html,14439.0.html

There’s A BUNCH more where these came from…