can't escape the ladder

okay, so I started throwing about six months ago. I went through the trick list pretty quickly ( I didn’t know how long I would last in yoyoing, but I still practice for at least 2 or 3 hours a day). I have recently gone back through the trick list on here and figured out the moves that I had to pass the first time through. I have almost everything down, but I am stuck on ladder escape. I am almost positive that i have the mount down, and I am also pretty sure that I have the second video down. But after I try the third part, my triangle always has like an extra little knot in it. Sometimes I will fiddle with it until the yoyo stops spinning, and by the time I swing the loop up and over my throwhand it will be to where the knot is out, but I can’t ever figure out what I am doing that makes it work. I will try and get a video up of me doing the trick so that maybe you can see what I’m doing wrong. Oh yeah, and another question: the first video shows the ladder mount. in the second video, you drop it through the triangle on the right, and then bounce it onto the left triangle and then tyhe right triangle. If I am trying to practice, then can I skip the second part video (except for the part where you drop it through, I know you have to do that). It doesn’t seem like it is doing anything different (knotwise) in the second video, so can I go straight from the mount, drop it into the right triangle, and then go to the third part where I drop it over my non throwhand and then start pulling with my thumb? Any help would be much appreciated.

christopher aka “throwbot”

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