*grumble* Ladder escape *grumble*


is my mount right? i cant seem to get it to look like any other person on youtube… im doing this method:

1.wrap around NTH thumb
2. wrap round TH pointer
3.wrap round inside
4.wrap round NTH pointer to mini trapeze.

Are you sure your doing the pinch/twist correctly. I remember trying to learn ladder escape. The hardest part for me was in fact the mount. I could never get it until I found out I was doing the twist/pinch wrong. This tut helped me get it:


… OR, if that doesn’t help you, check this website out: http://www.mastermagic.net/Tricks.html

  • Just scroll down until you find “ladder escape” then select “view 2.” That will get you the first person view to help you see the twist better.

Hope this helps.  :slight_smile:

You’re missing the last bit: Use your TH thumb to open up the triangle on your throwhand.