Ladder Mount Help!


This makes no sense to me. Help?


I don’t know if this will help but…
What you do is throw it like you would a 1.5 mount around your thumb, but don’t hit the string. You see the string segment closest to your finger? Throw the yoyo around your finger going behind both strings. Slip the loop of your finger and land in a trapeze on your nonthrowhand pointer finger. Open up the string loops and your there!


can anyone provide a good video?


This video shows how to go into ladder mount… it’s the first part of ladder escape.

0:20 - 1:00 show how to get into ladder mount


I can try…


This helped me sooo much!


Just made a vid. Might help a little :slight_smile:


Thanks to that tutorial I have eveything down up to the slack part, I’ll get that tomorro  :smiley:


It’s a great tutorial for a great trick :slight_smile: Awesome slacky triangle too… love that element