Ladder Escape


Ok, my ultimate initial goal when I started throwing to learn ladder escape is almost complete. One problem. At the end of the trick you’re supposed to swing the yoyo through that hole twice then go into a GT but when I do it I don’t have to swing the yoyo through the hole at all. I can just go straight into a GT. If I swing through the hole twice I get a knot. So… If I don’t do that part is it still considered ladder escape? If not, then what am I doing wrong? I made a vid but for some reason it’s not letting me upload anything… I’ll keep trying to get it up though.

EDIT: Got it to work, so here’s a vid of me doing the trick. I know it’s slow, but at least I can do it :smiley:

(kclejeune) #2

You need to swing it through the triangle loop before you drop the slack the second time… So you pull the slack tight, yoyo falls through, you catch string with fingers, then let slack fall to make triangle.