beginner help:trapeze?

hello i am a beginner to yoyoing and i am having trouble with trapeze.
can any one help?

Try to get close to the yoyo as you land it to make it more controlled. Also, instead of throwing it into trapeze, grab the string and swing it onto the trapeze. Get this motion first and then once you get the hang of that, land on trapeze with the throw. Anymore you need to know? :smiley:


Keep your hand relaxed and steady. Once do what Mark said and swing it in. After you get the motion, stay in that mount to get the feel for it while it’s resting on the string. A problem some beginners have I notice is that whenever they try trapeze, the yo-yo slides towards their freehand and touches and spins out. Also keep your hands on the same level.

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thanks guys

Did you get it? If yes, good job! :smiley:

Remember one important detail:

Don’t do anything else until you get trapeze down. It is essential! I tell that to this other kid at my school and he doesn’t get it. Right off the bat, he wants Eli Hops.

Jumper posted a tip about this that helped me ALOT. After you throw your breakaway, and it comes up to go over your NTH index finger, run that finger on the string towards the yoyo a little bit. this will cause it to come over straighter.

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i got it down now i need help with double or nothin

The first thing I did when I started that was try to throw it, and get it around where it was suppossed to be, So I could get a feel for how far my fingers should be apart. I didn’t worry about landing it till I got that down. Again I found it helps to slide you finger the string a little as it comes around each side.

what do you mean by “slide your finger a little down the string”

like how you slid your finger on the string to get the trapeze? Same deal, but you do it a everytime the string wraps a finger, Dig?

i dig, i’ll try.

thanks psin you’ve been a big help ^_^.

Not a problem, man.

still trying to get it down…just need a little more practice.

hopes this helps, i think its the 6th trick

Slide the trapeze string loop to your index knuckle and on the trapeze, pop the yoyo to the right and swing over your throw hand into double or nothing (see the matrix trick below). Please note to create space between the loop of the trapeze and the other loop so you don’t land on both strings.

Just do the part from the trapeze back to double or nothing first. Also, remember to have the yoyo land on the string as close to your finger as possible.