Omg cant do trapeze i need help!

hi all
i am new in this yoyo thing XD
started few days ago
i already know tricks
like rock the baby/dizzy
and more tricks in this lvl and all the time
i am trying to do trapeze and i can do this but the yoyo is not
hitting the string omggggg
plz help i dont know what to do :’(

When your finger hits the string to make the yoyo go over. Try to keep it close to the yoyo. It should be easier to hit.

Ahhhh trapeze. How I remember wanting to hit this trick. The first time was on a Duncan Imperial lol.


  1. Throw a nice straight break away.

  2. Place the string between the index and middle finger of your non throw hand just allowing the yo to hang off of the middle finger. With your throwhand pull the string acrossed your body causing the yo to move upwards, towards you non throw hand index. As it approaches your index finger just flip it over and land it on the string. Don’t worry about landing it 1/2 way between you hands, in the middle, land it closest to you non throw hand index.

  3. Now you should be able to throw that break away and do all the steps smoothly.

  4. As you get better you will be able to hit the string wherever and whenever you want.

Good luck

yumm i can do this trick like one of 5 times
its something but not good yet
idk why but threre is some tricks that i do and theyre harder but i realy having a hard time with this trick btw i got a question about my yoyo iits not pro yoyo fireball of yomega
so the people that know this yoyo the shape is diffrent and all this things
can it be a little related?
and can u recommend me a good yoyo for string tricks?

Sounds like your just getting into yoyoing so check these out.

Yoyojam Journey
Yoyojam Kickside
yoyojam lyn fury
Yoyojam Dark Magic II - comes with two bearings for different types of play. Highly recommended

There are many others but this is a quick list.

wow dude thank you i checked the dark magic 2
and the is a really awesome yoyo XD
u think i would do a progress with him couse?
if it will halp me a bit i will buy him couse
i got some troubles with mine
its weird and uncomfortable
btw i got a little progress with the trapeze if i will need help
i will talk to you is this ok?

Of course you can talk to me about yoyoing! That’s why we are all here.
You could definitely grow with the dark magic 2. It is capable of so much, as are any of those yoyo’s listed.

I’m glad the trapeze is starting to come together for you. If you keep practicing on the narrow gap yoyo you have, when your get you Dark Magic 2, it will be so easy.

oh thanks XD ur really helped me :slight_smile:

I’m glad to be of assistance but you will find that there are many helpful and insightful people here at YYE. I just was the first to find your post ;D.

best way to do it is glide your finger onto the dtring and it will guide it to the string.

I’m glad you can finally do it better! Wow, I remember my first trapeze…just practice your breakaway and get it as straight as possible, and swing the yo-yo more. Trapeze is an important fundamental to most tricks, so just make sure you can do it really well before you move on :wink:

ill walk you through it… all you have to to is throw a breakaway, then move your non throw hand into the string (like you see all the time), NOW a few of the bigger things that you have to remember is not to move your throw hand left or right, AND you need to place you finger on the string right next to the yo yo… if you PM me i will be uploading a lot of vids to youtube on how to do basic tricks… and i will walk you through it… just remember dont give up… especially with yo yos practice makes perfect