I cant seem to land the yoyo when im doing the trapeze i have a butterfly shaped yoyo but i can never smeem to land the trapeze do i need to hold it different or something i do it like the tutorial is there any secrets to land it i put my finger close the to yoyo as well

Alright, well take it slow. Instead of making it one flowing motion, just throw a breakaway. Then, kind of slowly do the rest of the trick. And I know you don’t want to hear this, but…

PRACTICE!!! Seriously, practicing is really going to help. I thought I would never get it, but I did!

lol i am practising i hope i get it soon xD

This trick is actually really simple:

-Throw breakaway
-Stick your non-throwhand pointer out
-Let yoyo go around finger
-Miss the string, practice and repeat until you land it.

you’ll be surprised how easy trapeze is once you get the hang of it.
ok here it goes:

  1. when you throw a break-a-way, make sure you make a bigger circle to bive you more swinging time.
  2. put your non-throwhand finger as close to the yoyo as possible without your finger tounging the yoyo. the yoyo will have less distance to travel and it will be easier for you to catch.

It’s all about practice. there’s no special hand movement no secrets to it. Just practice. You’ll get the movement down soon and eventually learn the trick. Don’t worry about how long it takes you. It took me 3 weeks to learn double or nothing. Good luck hope i helped.

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lol doesnt help does it.

lol doesnt help does it.
i find that offending just because he didn’t reply to your problem doesn’t mean you could be rude to him

It helps if you look at it the right way. Take Pheenix’s advice and just miss it till it hits. Every time you miss, just laugh it off and keep practicing.


Thanks for running interference, but I don’t think he meant to be rude.

even he wasn’t trying to, he still was

i wasnt trying to be rude i just wanted some advice and you saying i was rude is very irritable tbh.

I’ll explain this further to people that did not understand it. This method is also called practice, it works well for learning things. You might have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”, keep practicing trapeze and you will be able to do it perfectly.

Addment: I never thought the word ‘practice’ would need any form of explanation.

the main thing is stick your finger as close to the yo yo as you can

Throw a regular sleeper but let the yoyo fly back. Then when it comes forward place your finger in its path (try different places) and then dont move a muscle.

make sure u get the yoyo and the string and the gap lined up

Start with a breakaway(thebreakaway must be thrown out), but instead of catching it,put your pointer finger on the string(close to the yoyo) and it should swing and land on the string(takes practice).
P.S. Sorry, but I’m terrible at explaining :-[
Very important: