Does keeping a steady non-throw finger help you land a trapeze?


Hey guys,

Im having trouble landing the yo yo on the string when i do trapeze. Any tips or recommendations?


Practice practice practice practice practice Practice practice practice practice practice Practice practice practice practice practice Practice practice practice practice practice Practice practice practice practice practice Practice practice practice practice practice and land it near your non-throw hand.
P.s practice


try to keep your yoyo as close to your nonthrow finger as possible when its flipping up and over. When I started learning I was keeping my hands pretty close together, which made the yoyo loop about a foot over my finger, and at that point its moving really fast and is harder to catch.

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if you imagine the + as my hands, thats kind of what I’m talking about where you are trying to catch a large loop and it ends up landing kind of in the middle of your body.

Instead, try to do it like this, where your hands are spread farther apart, and the yoyo doesn’t move as much. basically you just want it to come up and over and right onto the string.

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the less the yoyo has to travel the more likely it is to go where you want and land on the string.

Not really a great description, but Andre’s video on this sight explains it a little better.

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You are really good at word tutorials…


Thanks :slight_smile: Just tryin to help.



scenario 1 or 2 happens when i try to land the yo yo on the string

Scenario #1

  • o + = the yo yo misses the string and goes either behind or in front of the sting

Scenario #2

____ -o

  •   +   = the yo yo completely misses my hand and the string wraps around my throw hand

What should I do to make the yo yo land straight on the string?


follow scenario 1 strictly, and practice. at first you may get frustrated, but once you hit ur landing streak to maximum, no worries ! you can check out videos. they had a good tutorial on how to fix ur missed trapeze (as u said in scenario 1 either behind or in front of string).

just try to get the correct / comfortable string length for you to land your yoyo.

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I think the pictorial example applies to a left handed thrower from the perspective of the thrower. You want to land the yoyo as close to your non-throw hand as possible.


See if the yoyo lands in front or behind and adjust to that


hey you’re the one from the Philippines! I want to see how you are trying to land it. upload a video or something? maybe if you want we can setup a meet?


If you use a pulling motion with your throw hand while the yoyo is coming around your NTH (non throw hand) finger, it should land just about every time.


Stand right in front of a wall when you practice. This will help train you to keep everything in a straight line and you
should be landing this in no time…


What ArchersAxe said. Not a big overt pull, but a bit of a pulling motion overall. This action directs the yoyo to the string and it has little choice but to land!

I’ve never been a big fan of the “land it as close to NTH finger as possible” approach. It causes the opposite intended effect with me and I’m concentrating too hard on making that length of string short. Sometimes it’s TOO short and the yoyo hits my NTH finger and messes it all up.

Closer, yes. “As close as possible”, not for me at least.

The thing that’s important to remember for almost any kind of mount is that you should NOT be focusing on controlling just the length of string from the yoyo to the fulcrum (? in this case, the NTH). That’s a big mistake. The string is a system, and trying to limit your control just to the part that’s swinging is going to be a difficult approach in both the short and long term.

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I should have said close to your non-throw hand at first. I stand corrected on the “as close a possible” aspect of the help I was offering.


Hint: slide.


Ok… first off… are you using an imperial shaped yoyo? That might be the problem… I had a problem with trapeze too cux i was using the yomega fireball which is an imperial yoyo… But i got this trick down a few minutes after i got the yomega hyper warp heavy wing and yoyo factory ONE. Ok… now on to tips… u need to have a solid, straight, smooth breakaway to make this trick easy on urself… if the yoyo moves too much when u do a breakaway u need to fix that… Once u got the breakaway down, and ur throwin a nice straight breakaway u need to wrap the yoyo as close to ur finger as possible to make it easier on urself. If ur still missing it, try catching the yoyo at a lower angle… for example, if ur non throw finger is aligned with ur throw hand, lower your non throw hand finger a little lower than ur throw hand… I found it easier to catch it when i do that starting out… Last thing i su want to throw a nice slow breakaway so u have more time to catch it. Hope this helped, good luck!


Thanks for all the advice. I can do a trapeze now. My current problem is the yoyo is not symmetrical to me when i throw it. It looks like this

It looks like this" ±—/O/------+


But its supposed to look like this ±–O----+


Practice is the only thing that will fix a skewed throw. :wink: